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Since life started on this earth every creature wish to live long and produce children.In another way we are trying to unfold the mystery of fertility .In this advanced scientific era , we have solved this art of procreation, but still many misconceptions are prevailing among our society.Some myths are carried forward from generation to next generation.

Following are the few Top infertility myths of modern world—

MYTH 1-Fertility is ruined by taking birth-control pills.(OCPs)

Once a women stops taking oral contraceptive pills, her ability to conceive is reassumed . It may take some time , but there is no fear of permanent suppression of ovulation.

MYTH 2-If labelled as “Infertility case “,  means that you will not conceive anymore. .

  Infertility means- when a couple staying together , without practicing any contraceptive methods, fail to have a child naturally after one year of trying.There could be a possibility of low sperm count or less motility or some minor ailments in female.Other factors are also responsible for not becoming pregnant. Consult doctor in such situation.

MYTH 3-Conception occurs  only during intercourse

A women can conceive 3 to 5 days before ovulation and soon after . This is called fertile period. Male sperm can remain alive for 3 to 5 days in female reproductive tract. So women can become pregnant if  had coitus 2 to 3 days prior to the day of ovulation.

MYTH 4.-Fertility is not affected by stress..

It has been concluded in recent study , published in journal of Fertility and Sterility that- mind and body de-stress programme have doubled the pregnancy rate outcomes in couples undergoing ART ( assisted reproductive technique )

Indeed excessive stress can wreak havoc on your entire body.

MYTH 5-  In young age-group- Fertilty is not affected by overweight or underweight.

Overweight is always  a great problem irrespective of age.Excessive fat is linked to anovulation,polcystic ovarian syndrome and menstrual irregularities .Extremely underweight women also fail to conceive, because too less body fat can stop menstrual cycle.

So neither starve yourself nor eat in excess.

MYTH 6-Fertility remains same till late 30s to 40s of age-so most couples can conceive at their wish

Indian females have maximum fertility between 19 to 16 years of age.In majority of cases it starts declining beyond   27 years of age.By the time a women reaches 35 years , her chances of becoming pregnant is reduced by 50% to what it would have been before 30 years of age. Nearly 20 million women face age related  infertility problems .

MYTH 7-Conception occurs only on Day 14 of menstrual cycle

This is true only if a women has a regular cycle of 28 days. Usually ovulation occurs 14 days prior to next due menstruation. Now a days- to pin point the day of ovulation, ovulation –kit is also available. This is user friendly also.

MYTH 8-Many infertile couple can conceive-if they learn to relax

Infertile couple should get themselves thoroughly checked up at the earliest possible. Many medical ailments are rectifiable. Sometimes  fertility drugs are also very helpful.Change in life-style and relaxation alone is not the answer to be a parent.

MYTH 9- Infertility is almost always due to female problems

In 30%-40% of infertile cases male factor has been identified as the cause of infertility.So never blame women . Both male and female factors together contribute to infertility problem.

Always feel free to clear your doubts and quiries. Various assisted reproductive techniques are available to make infertile couples smile and look forward to be blessed with a healthy child

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