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Which food to avoid during pregnancy is one crucial question from women. Fruits and vegetables are the best source of-Vitamins, Minerals and Micro nutrients. But when  kept in cold-storage , they lose their nutritional quality. Preservatives add more in causing destruction of these nutritional benefits. In modern era – due to cold-storage, preservation techniques, edible…
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How to fight with problems of digestive system during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, uterus becomes an abdominal organ and presses the intestines and all other abdominal organs. This can have create problems of digestive system during pregnancy.  It can also cause heartburn, acidity, constipation, indigestion (bloated , loss of appetite and regurgitation,nausea and burps), etc. Although, problems of digestive system during pregnancy do not last for…
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Precaution for pregnant mother from air pollution during festival

This is the time of Navratri, Durga-puja , Dussehra , Diwali , chhath puja and Guru Prakash parva etc. We all are throbbing with festivity, sharing and spreading  goodness-happiness with each-other. Similarly Pregnant mothers share everything with their baby who is inside the womb. But this time I venture my friends to help you and…
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Ultrasound during pregnancy

Importance of ultrasound during pregnancy

Ultrasound during pregnancy plays an important part to understand growth and health of baby. Every ultrasound during pregnancy has a purpose and essential to understand baby growth and healthy pregnancy. Ultrasound is a high frequency sound waves transmitted through the abdomen into the uterus. These are reflected back by the baby; echoes are translated by…
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color hair while pregnant

Tips to color hair while pregnant.

Is it safe to color hair while pregnant, women always have a query . During pregnancy when your physical appearance changes with weight and waddling gate – grey hairs drags down your confidence more, as it adds more years to your age. In today’s lifestyle coloring of hairs has an important place. Colored hair and…
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feet swelling during pregnancy

How to avoid feet swelling during pregnancy?

Feet swelling during pregnancy is very common problem during pregnancy. Every second women face this problem when she gets pregnant. But feet swelling during pregnancy do not always indicate any disease.  As per gynecologist, it occurs as body starts producing extra blood and fluid for development of baby. According to gynecologist, most of the time,…
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summer pregnancy benefit

7 Reason summer pregnancy also good

Gynecologist come  across many girls who want to become pregnant only in winter. They say that they would be able to have rich food, dry fruits and will get more rest at night as the days are shorter. Few girls say that they will be able to cover themselves nicely. However there are many pregnancy…
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5 Common Bursting Pregnancy Myths

When a female comes to know –“I am pregnant “, she gets too much excited and same with her family members as well. But the journey from first day of pregnancy to delivering a healthy baby is full of challenges. Everyone starts giving free advice, narrating their own stories-what to do and what not to…
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