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Quality of sperm deteriorates with the advancement of  paternal age.men should know that father pass on four times more genetic mutation to their progeny in comparision to mother. In a study it has been found that increasing paternal age has direct link with the increased risk of autism and schizophrenia. But even in this modern world-men consider – only females to be the cause for infertility. Several myths still prevailin our society . Few common myths are —

MYTH 1. Healthy male have all healthy sperms-

Total sperm count in semen analysis of  a healthy Indian male varies from 60 to 120 sperms per ejaculate. Only 15%to 20 %have normal morphology on all parameters.

MYTH 2.Male who does more physicial work will have more healthy sperms-

Answer is NO.Men doing excessive workout to have good muscle bulk, tend to consume excessive protein powder. Practicising this for several months toghethermay be the reason for less sperm count.

MYTH 3 .Number on weighing scale have nothing to do with fertility

Men with excessive weight suffer in many ways. Obese men experience less libido. Male hormone –testosterone level is also low causing adverse effects on sperms.

MYTH 4. Fertility is not affected by use of  Laptop, Mobile phone

When a male child is born, the testis which were initially an abdominal organ, decends down .This natural phenomenon happens just to keep testis protected.from abdominal cavity temperature.Study published in Fertility- Sterility journal concluded that exposure of testis to heat for longer duration –causes decline in sperm quality Heat can cause genetic damage to sperm and even motility is reduced. Laptops and Mobile phones also emits heat. It is advisable to keep cell phone in back-pocket and use fan near laptop to disperse heat.

MYTH 5.Drinking alcohol and smoking has NO adverse affect on fertility.

Study published in an International medical journal  concluded that use of tobacco and alcohol intake increase the infertility by 30%.Percentage of damage is directly proportional to the numbar of cigarettes smoked.DNA of the sperm may get fragmented and this may be one of the reason for repeated miscarriages

MYTH 6.Men donot need any pre-planning advice-

It is well known that female is advised to take folic acid tablet 2-3 months prior to planning for pregnancyDiet low in folic acid can cause certain birth defect due to chromosomal abnormalities in offspring. Folic acid and Vitamin E rich diet improves the sperm quality.

To summarize –it is a proven fact that –Life stlye changes can improve male infertility manifold. 

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