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5 Common Bursting Pregnancy Myths

5 Common Bursting Pregnancy Myths

When a female comes to know –“I am pregnant “, she gets too much excited and same with her family members as well. But the journey from first day of pregnancy to delivering a healthy baby is full of challenges.

Everyone starts giving free advice, narrating their own stories-what to do and what not to do to the “would-be-mother “which instead of helping her makes her duration of pregnancy more complicated. These advice are not always correct. 

Famous gynecologist, obstetrician, and laparoscopic surgeon Dr Mita Verma advice is to listen to everyone but before following discuss the same with your doctor to find out whether they are mere myths or actual realities.

5 common pregnancy myths are:

  1. Pregnant lady has to eat for two people
    During pregnancy  women requires nearly 350 kcals more for a healthy baby outcome.This should be compensated with eating  balanced and nutritious diet rather than eating food for two.
  2. Exercise is harmful for the baby
    This is absolutely wrong. Exercise builds the body stamina and facilitates the process of normal delivery. Consult your doctor and under trained professionals pregnant women should do regular exercise.
  3. Gender of the baby is reflected by the shape of the belly
    This is the most common myth seen usually in our villages. If a women is carrying high itb is a girl and if low it is a boy. But the truth is entirely different – shape of belly depends  upon the muscle tone , size amount of fat deposition around the navel and position of the baby inside the womb.
  4. Taking stress during pregnancy is not good for the baby 
    New research shows that  mild to moderate level of stress is good for the baby as it rejuvenates and tones the nervous system of the fetus and accelerates the growth. Such infants have higher motor and mental development scores.
  5. Colour and skin texture can tell sex of the baby
    This is another myth  that if a women becomes more beautiful with more glowing skin will deliver a girl child and if the skin texture turn hard and rough – a male baby will be born. Skin is definitely affected by the underlying hormones but this is not hundred  percent true.

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