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Which food to avoid during pregnancy is one crucial question from women. Fruits and vegetables are the best source of-Vitamins, Minerals and Micro nutrients. But when  kept in cold-storage , they lose their nutritional quality. Preservatives add more in causing destruction of these nutritional benefits. In modern era – due to cold-storage, preservation techniques, edible colours and advanced facility of transportation , almost every kind of fruits and veggies are available throughout the season at majority of places.

Pregnancy is a very crucial stage of life. Every women  as a mother would like to forward the right things in all aspects so as to be blessed by a healthy baby. To let your dreams come true. So Dr Mita Verma decided to write a blog for “what to avoid during pregnancy” for a healthy baby.

Following fruits and vegetables are to be avoided  during pregnancy in winter season-

  1. Berries- Various types of berries like- strawberry , blueberry plums etc are rich source of beta carotene, potassium, vitamin c and folic acid. But if consumed during winter may cause irritation in throat causing dry cough, vomiting.
  2. Asparagus- This is an important content of soup  preferably consumed during winter. It is rich in natural Folate to boost immunity. Though it is a summer product.The leaves are light green but the colour becomes  dark green and thick in winter
  3. Dairy products- Hot milk during morning hours is better. But cheese, curd and other dairy products  may exaggerate cough and cold during winter season.
  4. Coconut water ( Nariyal pani )– It is a natural and purest form of drink full of nutrients. Hence it is also called as Power House Drink. Electrolyte balance of coconut water is same as of our Blood means isotonic. This is the reason why it gives instant energy, but as it is cold in nature. So it should be avoided during winter especially  in extremes low temperature.
  5. White Sugar- If it is taken in excess can lowers the immune system and can precipitate cough. Jaggery is better.

Happy Pregnancy

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