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Winter care tips during pregnancy

Winter care tips during pregnancy


In a country like India, winter is fabulous and always welcomed. But during pregnancy woman has various questions and worries in her mind for baby in her womb. These worries are worth , as during winter immune system is suppressed and various infections can catch may last longer.

How to face these special natural challenges and stay fit and fine during winter season. Below are the few tips to be followed by Dr. Mita Verma.

  1. Drink plenty of water- During pregnancy the skin stretches and sometimes itch. Having bath with warm water adds more to dryness. Water hydrates the body from within, so keep your skin moisturized by consuming adequate liquid intake in addition to external application of moisturizer cream. It is also advisable that always try to drink lukewarm water.
  2. Wear right kind of Footwear- Yes, it is true. Pregnant woman should wear right kind of footwear considering that it should not only save from cold but also  to avoid get slip if there is snowfall or rain.
  3. Don’t go outside- Always try to stay at home as much as possible. Even if, you are taking all precaution, a single mistake impact the health of your baby.
  4. Avoid Wearing too tight clothes- A pregnant woman should wear snugly attire for all seasons. But during winter, this she must extra. Wearing clothes in multiple layers is not a bad idea for pregnant working women for winter.
  5. Get Influenza vaccine(After consulting your doctor)- Fine capillaries blood flow around nasal sinuses is increased during cold season.Hence one feels more congested and  heaviness in forehead . Severe cold may lead to fever, headache and pneumonia. I generally recommend(after complete check up of patient) to take Tdap vaccine(influenza, diphtheria and tetanus) during last trimester of pregnancy. It is beneficial for the mother and newborn baby also.
  6. Use Mask- Winter comes with high air pollution. Always use mask during whenever go outside.
  7. Miscellaneous-  
    • Do regular breathing exercises,
    • take lukewarm water, Vitamin C rich food.
    • Use saline nasal drops to avoid dryness of nostrils
    • If by chance you catch cold , consult your doctor.Avoid blowing nose as it gives pressure on the gravid (pregnant ) uterus.Frequent coughing may  lead to leakage of water bag,which is a great risk to the baby,and can lead to preterm delivery
    • Maintain cleanliness and do hand wash regularly.
    • Choose right kind of food, veggies and fruits, take flu shot.

Stay blessed to enjoy your winter pregnancy and don’t forget to check precaution for rainy season also. 

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