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Importance of ultrasound during pregnancy

Importance of ultrasound during pregnancy

Ultrasound during pregnancy

Ultrasound during pregnancy plays an important part to understand growth and health of baby. Every ultrasound during pregnancy has a purpose and essential to understand baby growth and healthy pregnancy.

Ultrasound is a high frequency sound waves transmitted through the abdomen into the uterus. These are reflected back by the baby; echoes are translated by the computer into images. Thus you get glimpse of the baby and growth and development of the baby is checked.  For more than 4 decades, ultrasound during pregnancy during pregnancy found.

Ultrasound during pregnancy in first trimester share following information:

  • Actual number of weeks for pregnancy- It helps to know the accurate delivery date of baby and giving proper external support which include right medicine and food for mother.
  • Heartbeat of the baby- It is an emotional moment for feel the hearth beat of baby inside the uterus of mother. Moreover style and number of heartbeat also help doctor understand judge the heath of baby.
  • Rules out ectopic pregnancy- An ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy that has implanted outside the uterus. It is life threatening for both the mother and baby. It can be only diagnosed by ultrasound.
  • To know number of fetus- Ultrasound during pregnancy of 1st trimester also confirms doctor number of babies in uterus.
  • Assess the risk of Downs syndrome- Babies with Down Syndrome have physical and intellectual disabilities. It can be detected via ultrasound during pregnancy in first trimester. If diagnosed treatment can be start immediately.

Importance of Ultrasound during pregnancy in second trimester

It is also known as anomaly scan(Level 2). This scan examine various parts of baby in detail. Abnormalities that can be seen via Level are as below:

  • cerebral palsy-never seen
  • Autism-never seen
  • 25% of cases (major heart problems )
  • 99% cases anencephaly (absence of top of head )
  • 90% cases exomphalos/ gastroscisis (defects of abdominal wall )
  • 90% cases major limb abnormalities
  • 90% cases spina bifida (open spinal cord )
  • 85% cases major kidney problems
  • 60% cases diaphragmatic hernia (hole in muscle separating chest and abdomen )
  • 60% cases Hydrocephalous (excess of fluid within the brain )
  • 40% cases Down’s syndrome

Only 50% of all major abnormalities can be seen on usg. There is  50% chances of abnormalities  to be present  even if Level  2 usg is normal

NIPT ( non invasive test )  and Amviocentesis test are available to confirm about the suspected anomalies are available.

Need of ultrasound during third trimester –

  • It assess the growth  of the baby
  • Inform about weight of the baby and amount of liquor
  • It Shares informs about the blood flow towards the baby  especially in high risk cases like—high blood pressure, obesity, growth retardation, Rh –negative blood, multiple pregnancy etc.

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