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How Yoga help in treatment of PCOS

How Yoga help in treatment of PCOS

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a common problem, seen like an epidemic. It is a  combination of various problems like irregular menses, weight gain, excessive hair loss in male pattern , hair growth on body and face, acne on face and neck, infertility etc caused by hormonal imbalance.

Due to stress and strain, wrong food habits, consumption of junk food , aerated drinks, packed food items  and lack of exercises –all has negative impact on our body which is reflected as hormonal dysfunction. YOGA-means- control on body, mind and soul helps to destress . Not only at physical level  – science of  Yoga affects at much deeper and subtler levels ,and thus Treats the fearful disease of pcos by rectifying the  problems as :-

  • Yoga helps in weight reduction-Physical exercises helps to burn calories and build stamina. Fat metabolism rate is increased than facilitates loss of weight
  • Yoga helps to shape –up body-Weight bearing exercises, mobilizes fat, increases muscle strength and mass. This helps to combat insulin resistance which is the cause of stub on- weight gain
  • Yoga balances the hormones- Some specific yogic exercises  has  impact on adrenal-pituitary axis and balances hormones
  • Yoga stimulates ovaries-Specific asans like-Dhanurasana, , Bhujangasana and Vipareet nauka-asana an, Baddhakonasana , Bhujangasana and In-Out breathing – helps to stimulate ovarian function.
  • Yoga relieves stress-High level of testosterone is responsible for weight gain. By practicing yogic –breathing techniques and asanas , levels of stress hormones like-Cortisol is reduced , which is responsible for increasing the levels of androgens in PCOS .
  • Yoga helps to control dietary intake- As a rule for doing yogic kriyas one has to be empty stomach. Yoga demands for adequate water –liquid intake. Thus indirectly your dietary habits get regularized. Juices of fruits and vegetables have antioxidants that neutralizes the free radicals present in the body, thus weight gain is not facilitated.

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