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Tips to color hair while pregnant.

Tips to color hair while pregnant.

color hair while pregnant

Is it safe to color hair while pregnant, women always have a query . During pregnancy when your physical appearance changes with weight and waddling gate – grey hairs drags down your confidence more, as it adds more years to your age. In today’s lifestyle coloring of hairs has an important place. Colored hair and trendy hairstyles will add positive to your personality even during pregnancy. Here are few tips to protect your hair and to color hair while pregnant.

  1. Use ammonia free Coloring agent.
  2. Don’t try new colouring agent during pregnancy. As you are not aware of the reactions.  
  3. Use herbal colours as far as possible.  
  4. Liquid eyeliner can be used to hide grey hair strands during party etc. If required instantly.
  5. Avoid blow drying of hair. Prefer to let your hairs dry naturally.  
  6. Use hot oils,. coconut oil, almond or olive oil for deep conditioning and massage.  
  7. Use Homemade hair Mask. (Honey, curd, Eggs and Banana pulp etc ) protects your hair colour and provide nourishment.   
  8. Restrict frequent washing of  hair to avoid colour getting washed away.
  9. Always wear a swimming cap while going to pool as chlorinated water is hàrmful.  
  10. Lastly get your Vit D3  levels checked during pregnancy as low vit D3 adds to hair fall.      

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