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How to avoid feet swelling during pregnancy?

How to avoid feet swelling during pregnancy?

feet swelling during pregnancy

Feet swelling during pregnancy is very common problem during pregnancy. Every second women face this problem when she gets pregnant. But feet swelling during pregnancy do not always indicate any disease.  As per gynecologist, it occurs as body starts producing extra blood and fluid for development of baby.

According to gynecologist, most of the time, it is due to neglecting some basic precautions. Women can evade swelling feet during pregnancy very easily by following very simple rules along with balanced diet.

  • Avoid wearing high-heel shoes– Although doctors always advise that high heels are harmful for legs. Women can see the effect of heels by swelling feet during pregnancy. So gynecologist that women must forget fashion and should wear comfortable footwear.
  • Avoid standing for long hours– Many pregnant women make this mistake and they use their body same as before pregnancy. They stand for long hours for daily jobs like in cooking, cleaning etc. It is resulted to feet swelling during pregnancy.
  • Avoid hanging down of legs– Many working women who has short height, hang their feet while they work on computer in office. This may lead to welling in feet and if she is pregnant will result to swelling feet very easily.

Beside above safeguards women can also do some lighter exercise as stated below.

  • Raise your legs one by one and do massage of your calf-muscle in antigravity direction, to facilitate blood flow. This exercise will prevent pain in legs also.
  • Raise your legs with the support of the bed or wall for 10-15 minutes while resting on bed.
  • Always keep pillow underneath your feet but avoid pressure on calf-muscles.

CAUTION – If swelling is more in the morning or only one leg is affected. Please consult your gynecologist as earliest.

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