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How to get right blood pressure reading

How to get right blood pressure reading

People never consider circumstances before blood pressure reading. Avoiding circumstance of body, before taking blood pressure reading is the common mistake done  by people.

Blood Pressure is the pressure exerted by blood on the wall of the vessels while flowing within. Artery is that vessel which carries the blood from the heart to the various parts of our body. Heart pumps the blood in the artery  by contraction of the cardiac (heart) muscles. Blood pressure is measured as systolic (upper reading ,when cardiac muscles contracts ) and diastolic reading ( lower reading –when cardiac muscles are relaxed ). In a healthy human-being – systolic pressure reading ranges from 90 to 120 mm of mercury. While diastolic reading varies from 60 to 80 mm of mercury.

For accurate record, consider following points before taking blood pressure:
  1. Sit silently at least for 5 minutes before getting B.P. checked
  2. Don’t talk  while measuring the B.P.
  3. Sit comfortably on a chair with back support and legs hanging straight (not crossed) and touching the floor. Do not sit on examination table  without back support.
  4. Upper arm should  not be covered with cloth.
  5. Arm should be  positioned at the level of Heart and well  supported on a flat surface
  6. Avoid holding urine while getting B.P. measurement
  7. Don’t run, exercise, climb stairs before measuring BP.
  8. Avoid drink plenty of liquids especially caffeinated beverages. There should be  minimum half an hour gap.
  9. If you measuring your blood pressure first time , ask your doctor or nurse to check B.P. in both the arms and consider the higher values as actual B.P. reading.
  10. Mercury manual apparatus for B.P. measurement is better than automatic digital blood pressure machine. Always calibrate your digital blood pressure machine with your doctor’s mercury blood pressure machine.

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