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Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) symptoms & precaution

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is very common in Indian women.  Burning sensation, pain or vague discomfort in lower abdomen, frequency of urination, passage of urine drop by drop are the common symptoms of UTI .It is caused by bacteria which can affect any part of urinary tract from kidney to urinary passage opening (urethral opening).…
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Mansoon Measure for Skin Health

Monsoon is one of the most awaited and exciting seasons, after the hot sunny days. One feels oneness with the Mother Nature and witness raindrops, greenery and soothing smell of soil after first rain. But along with fun it may have issues with your health, especially with skin health. Whether you like or dislike rain,…
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color hair while pregnant

Tips to color hair while pregnant.

Is it safe to color hair while pregnant, women always have a query . During pregnancy when your physical appearance changes with weight and waddling gate – grey hairs drags down your confidence more, as it adds more years to your age. In today’s lifestyle coloring of hairs has an important place. Colored hair and…
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feet swelling during pregnancy

How to avoid feet swelling during pregnancy?

Feet swelling during pregnancy is very common problem during pregnancy. Every second women face this problem when she gets pregnant. But feet swelling during pregnancy do not always indicate any disease.  As per gynecologist, it occurs as body starts producing extra blood and fluid for development of baby. According to gynecologist, most of the time,…
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summer pregnancy benefit

7 Reason summer pregnancy also good

Gynecologist come  across many girls who want to become pregnant only in winter. They say that they would be able to have rich food, dry fruits and will get more rest at night as the days are shorter. Few girls say that they will be able to cover themselves nicely. However there are many pregnancy…
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5 Common Bursting Pregnancy Myths

When a female comes to know –“I am pregnant “, she gets too much excited and same with her family members as well. But the journey from first day of pregnancy to delivering a healthy baby is full of challenges. Everyone starts giving free advice, narrating their own stories-what to do and what not to…
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